Monday, 7 March 2016

A better educated generation, a better future for our nation

School is the foundation of any students academic development. It is the school that teaches the students the essence of living a peaceful and prosperous life. It is an institute for educating children which plays a role of developing a student for their academic involvement. School leads to a rapid evolution of a student into their academics and general life. Letting them to explore the knowledge inside and outside the world, in the ray of providing global education.

School is a primitive stage to explore the future involvement of learning. It is also said that School is known as the temple of learning. School provides us with wisdom and knowledge. It holds us to live life with discipline, manners, punctuality and morality along with our studies. Being a disciple to this holy temple, it is our duty to abide by the rules and regulation, which are framed for our prevention and betterment. School gives us guidance to know what are the pros and cons towards life, but it is us who should hold onto wisdom, and choose our own path towards a bright future.

School provide us with knowledge regarding the academics and the teach us the virtuosity of the life. Most of our childhood are drawn under the name of our academic establishment, because it is a necessity of a student to live that life, to learn closely about the things, with which the society survives. We are the forthcoming generation who will lead the time, we should be the one to set up an example in our society by our good deeds, and spread the wisdom within us to our foregoing generation with generosity and positivity towards life.

People argue about religions, castes and names. School is a religion in itself, it teaches us unity, it teaches us equality. It speaks above all saying there is no religion apart humanism. It is school where you will find diversity in students with variety of cultures and temperament, but instead they are one, they stand as one, teaching our society the essence of human existence in this world.

ASTER Public School comes to be among the top schools in Greater Noida, for their creative teaching techniques and use of innovation and technology in student's academic development. Here student's are taught to race for better life style, encouraging their involvement in the academics. Here students are given quality learning within a favorable environment. So that students doesn't lack behind in any academic task. And roll throughout their life with enthusiasm and glory. We strive to render the students here for their better academics, and to lead a bright prosperous future.

We also have ASTER educational institute branches opened at Surat, Ghaziabad, Mayur Vihar, Greater Noida and Noida Extension.


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