Monday, 22 July 2013

Promoting Extra Curricular activities by Schools in Greater Noida

Education is not all about mugging text books but it also signifies understanding things in the way they are and in the way they tend to be and can be in better ways. If you are educated that means you have a broader view of life and take things in a balanced way. It just don’t includes what  is in the theory but implicating the same in practical life. An all round personality is the one which has the capability to face any sort of challenge whether in academics or in field or on stage – he/she should have the confidence to win over the heart if not the game.
Schools in greater noida these days are preparing their curriculum in the ways so that a wholesome individual can be formulated for future generation. With equal weightings given to sports activity and on Stage creativity, the bookish knowledge comes in line with other activities. Aster Public school is the top school in Noida and Greater Noida which have induced separate classes and activities for encouraging the hidden talent of every child. With the facility of several sports courts in the wide spread arena of the school, they have managed to bring a specialized expert for each of the games like Cricket, Badminton, hockey, football etc. This is the fact that students who are more active in the field have the great thinking ability and can be a future personality of the country. Keeping this fact in the mind, aster institutions have introduced sports in the general curriculum.
Recently they have also launched Day boarding for all the wards which will make the pupils more open towards the school ambience. Basically it would include the lunch facility, supervised tutoring from teachers and inculcating the manners at an early age which they are unable to get at home due to incapacity of time from parents. This is a good news for most of the parents who spend the most of their time in office and have no one to look after their ward after school timings. With homely ambience and cordial support from the faculty, slow learners and weak students can be given special mentoring so that they can perform better in efficient ways. No doubt this is the new age secondary school greater Noida where a child goes not just for making his personality but to live and understand the culture, vision and ideas of other people around him.

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